Saving EnergySaving the Planet

Why Choose Solar on Energy Saving Alternatives


Solar energy creates clean power from the sun and benefits the environment. This is a better alternative to fossil fuels because it reduces carbon footprint at home, reduces the greenhouse effect throughout the globe.

Easy Installation

Our solar panels are pre-assembled from the factory. It is very easy to install and it comes with a user-friendly manual. With just a few simple steps, you'll have your own solar panel ready!

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is renewable energy as it originates from a source that's inexhaustible (unlike fossil fules). A sustainable energy source that is reliable for the long-term, cost-effective and efficient.

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We have network of pre-screened local installers that offers the best service there is when it comes to solar panel installation and maintenance.

Get 26% back on your solar panel installation while you still can!

This is the last year you’ll get to avail of this big discount and save at least $5,500 thanks to the solar tax credit. The tax will drop to 22% in 2021 before it expires in 2022.

Hear What Our Customers Had to Say

“Thanks to Solar Learning Lab I was able to choose from a handful of local solar panel installers that gave more competitive bids. The overall process helped us save more or less $5,000.”

Rebecca Hathaway
  Boston, Massachusetts

How Solar Learning Lab Works

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Register here on our website to receive quotes. We only need your name and email to register.

Pre-screening of quotes

We pre-screen the quotes for you and give you the best offers from our trusted solar panel installers.

Comparing Quotes Online

We also compare quotes to make sure you only get the best offers.

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